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About Amy
I began photographing after a friend and I purchased an old camera at a garage sale on a summer drive.  I loved the opportunity to document the world around me, whether it was a special occasion, a visit to see a Llama or just a beautiful flower.

As I grew up the cameras changed but the passion was the same.  During high school and college I learned to love the darkroom and I found inspiration from the art I studied as an art history major at Southern Methodist University.

After working for a start up in Chicago for 9 years following college I knew it was time to get back to the lens.  I studied at Columbia College, where I learned the intricacies of studio lighting and the new world of digital photography.

My Mac is now my darkroom and I relish the immediacy of my Canon digital equipment.  I still love to document everything around me and those special moments.  Whether I am sitting in a park photographing children, in a swanky ballroom capturing a joyous occasion or in a studio creating beauty out of a banal product, I am always happy behind the lens. 

It is my constant goal to capture the perfect image.


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